07 March 2021

My February purchases


If you haven't seen my previous blog post you can read it here, but to quickly explain, I am about to make a little reflection of purchases I made in February.

Being fashion enthusiast and someone who make my life all about it - I treat myself to fashion and beauty pieces nearly every month and because I am trying to be better shopper I decided that in 2021 I will journal my choices. Hopefully this will come useful to you. It is definitely useful to me.


I made quite a big/expensive order from Sezane. The brand was on my radar for a while, but I had to prep myself for spending a lot on only couple of pieces. Unfortunately I am still in the mindset of having a lot of cheap pieces, BUT this is something I am trying to fight against, investing in good, that not necessarily come cheap. 

They are french, timeless, sustainable brand - this is how I would sum it up in three words. They are very transparent. It's all there on their website, what they do, how they work, what's their pride. 

I went for classics from their knitwear collection and got myself two GASPARD JUMPERS in black and ecru in size S.

Since the brexit there were some additional costs to the order and postage was quite significant, so I saved a little bit more to avoid those with more expensive order. 

Therefore I also got a T-SHIRT - you know me, I do like a good tee and the collection of those is personalised to your birthday month. So hello January, my perfect birthday tee, welcome to my wardrobe.


Looking to trends for coming seasons I wanted to get myself some chunky necklace to spice up my looks. Following successful jewellery shopping in Mango, this is the first place where I went to find more pieces. Because those are trendy pieces I didn't want to invest too much, and was very happy to pay less for getting few things. 

Here you will find what they have in stock currently. I manage to get my fave piece on sale. I love it, it's exactly what I wanted, but because is combination of gold and silver colours is not too in your face.

Watch my short instagram video to have a better idea of what I added to my jewellery box recently.


Being influenced by one of local bloggers, I also got myself lace bra from the collaboration of Lorna Luxe and In The Style. You can shop the whole collection here, I went for light and black lace bralette, which I cannot find on the website anymore unfortunately. I kept the ivory one as the black one wasn't quite right.

I do admire what they do. From my understanding In The Style is an online clothing store that concentrates on working with fashion and style influencers, creating their own collections, so if you are in love with particular influencer you can shop their fashion pieces right there. 

To be honest I haven't had much knowledge of this, but loving the bralette it made me look into it more into depth and I am happy that I did.


Well here comes my guilty pleasure, the one and only Zara. I am going to say this, I don't think I can ever give it up, but I am proud to say I only got two pieces this time round. One of them being classic striped top - which I am very happy with ;)


Since the lockdowns, whatever the number is, Amazon is a go to place for many, and I am no exemption. But let's concentrate on fashion, shall we?

After I pierced my ears two years ago, I had this idea of accessorising it beautifully with stunning pieces. Well this plan went in to hell, when I realised that my wholes need forever to heal and they don't like anything I put in them.

Requesting real gold studs for Christmas or birthdays, wasn't such a good idea, as those make my ears sore. I also kept loosing my back clips and it was all going and looking horribly.

My best earrings I actually had were the piercing ones, so I went on Amazon and found many extras. I got myself two sets of gold coloured small and simple studs. I have them in my every whole right now and those look and feel great. No more pain for me.

And that is all my Friends! Let me know if you found it useful? I did, so I will keep this journal if not for you, definitely for me.

See ya next time!


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