28 February 2021

My January purchases

 Following on from my previous post, I have got some catching up to do.

If you haven't seen my previous blog post you can read it here, but to quickly explain, I am about to make a little reflection of purchases I made in January.

Every month I am giving myself a financial allowance to spend on whatever I like. Being fashion enthusiast and someone who make my life all about it - of course it means I am spending all of it on fashion pieces.

(Hopefully I can keep my job, husband and lifestyle to maintain my expenses hahah. If that changes I will keep you informed)

January was tough following Christmas splurge - that would have to be separate blog post, but we keep it down to 2021 and forgetting about 2020 :))

I was in Poland till 10th of January and let me tell you, I was happily staying away from all the post holidays lifestyle we usually have in the UK. I didn't look through one single online shop sale while over there, which is quite amazing I must admit. 

The only thing I bought in Poland tough, was gold necklace and pendant in my local independent jewellery, shop that I enjoy visiting every time I am in the country.

Investing in real gold is a thing in Poland. Everyone I know own a piece or more and this is something I would like to make a thing for me too. 

It's annoying owning a beautiful piece of jewellery, but not being able to wash in it, as it would discolour. For that reason I end up wearing it only when I remember or a occasion to go to. The necklace I got is 50cm gold and white gold chain with little hexahedron and diamante pendant. 

I am safe to wear it all the time, which means it's not only for special occasions but for every day life.


If you know me you know how much I love Levi's, specially their jeans, which I wear for years now and own several pairs of. Black pair was on my wish list for a while, however I wasn't able to find it on sale. Knowing my fit and size, is that much easier to hunt down your favourite colours, so sales or discounts is what I usually go for.

Despite having my dream fit figured out, this time I went for more trendy piece, the baloon style jeans and boy they are the pair I reach the most for right now. Such an amazing purchase obviously discounted so twice as much worth the while. Here are some loose fitted ones, if you would like to browse.


This is something that was brought to my attention by my hubs. Browsing some January sales he came across the brand, which I wasn't aware of, but found couple of pieces worth purchasing. 

It is an american outdoor brand, producing down insulated clothing for real life in the open. What they have to offer is their innovative fabric developments, dedication to quality, practicality, durability, function and style. And yes one jacket caught my attention too. 

I think Luke was browsing House Of Frazer where he stumbled across the huge sale from the brand, so getting two pieces for myself was a treat as everything was selling fast like hotcakes.

By the way he got two sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, two t-shirts, all for less than £40, just so you know!

Since the purchase, the jacket is my go to for any outdoor activities, however I can make it look a bit more put together. if needed as well. The parka jacket I got is on sale on my depop though as not my colour and unfortunately wasn't worth sending back due to return terms.

And that is all my Friends! Let me know if you found it useful? I did, so I will keep this journal if not for you, definitely for me.

See ya next time!


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