23 March 2020

Spring Trench Coat / Płaszcz na wiosnę

One of must haves in my Spring wardrobe is a trench coat. I love coats in general but for some time now trench coat got a whole new look. What we see these days in the shops and on the streets are variety of fabrics, patterns and shapes. I personally love those oversized coats that look really cool and powerful but at the same time flattering on your body. My coat is from Zara that I got in Winter sales. The colour is very much Spring appropriate, however it is not the best colour on me. This doesn't bother me though. I learnt how to play with it to make it work for me. By adding pop of colour here and there, the whole look isn't that dull. Check it out for yourself. What is your spring wardrobe staple?


14 March 2020

Mini Holiday Capsule - Malta / Wakacyjna Mini Kapsuła - Malta

A key to successful trip packing is to make yourself a mini capsule wardrobe. Think about how you want to look, for me it would be chic and comfortable, and look through your wardrobe for pieces that follow in that category. Then if you are missing anything, make yourself a list and shop or borrow before you go.

Here are few tips how to achieve perfect holiday capsule wardrobe.


01 March 2020

How To Style Grey Jeans / Jak Nosić Szare Jeansy

Recently I was asked how to style grey jeans? Well, to me, the short answer would be the same way as blue ones, but it doesn't have to be that obvious for some people.

When we think jeans, the looks that come to mind are very casual. We can achieve the same cool and chilled looks with good pair of grey and blue jeans, however in my opinion if we wanted to create something more put together it would be easier with clean grey pair.

Here is a combination of casual as well as chic and put together looks.

Let me know in the comments down below which one you like the most?


21 February 2020

GHD Tools / Urządzenia do stylizacji włosów GHD

Well I don't think there is one English person that doesn't know the brand.
I have always been a fan, although didn't imagine buying hairdryer for a £100 at the time. It was always salon quality that come with salon pricing, something that I simply couldn't have.

One day though I thought that it might be a good idea to get one as a birthday gift from anyone that wanted to contribute.

There is a lot of reviews that you can find online about those tools, here is my view.

My first GHD product that I bought, was a hair straightener. I was saving for it for a long time and one day I went for long bob hair cut, so I needed great straightener to be able to maintain it. Can't remember where I got it from, but I know it was £100 exactly (I was always better with numbers). I believed it was an investment for life.


24 January 2020

Autumn/Winter Fragrances / Jesienno-Zimowe Zapachy

Do you remember my blog post about summer fragrances I love? Well if you didn't have a chance to see it, here is the link to it.

Today I wanted to tell you my autumn/winter picks.

When it comes to colder months I am tying to stay away from fruity and zesty fragrances and I go a little heavier. 
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