18 October 2020

How I changed giving the circumstances

As we can see things change, world changes and with those there is a change in us too.


30 August 2020

Dream White Dress / Idealna Biała Sukienka

Out of all the dresses for summer, I really wanted to find myself beautiful white dress. How funny is the fact that I found it only now, at the end of the summer?!

Over the time I collected quite a few statement dresses. Some of them are all year rounders, but some are only particular season appropriate. Regardless of what I already have, the white dress was a missing piece in my wardrobe.


05 July 2020

Looking For Perfect Summer Blazer / Poszukiwania letniej marynarki

This Summer one of the fashion pieces that I wanted to get was a white or off white blazer.

Tego lata jedną z rzeczy jakie były na mojej liście zakupów była biała lub po prostu jasna marynarka.

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