21 February 2020

GHD Tools / Urządzenia do stylizacji włosów GHD

Well I don't think there is one English person that doesn't know the brand.
I have always been a fan, although didn't imagine buying hairdryer for a £100 at the time. It was always salon quality that come with salon pricing, something that I simply couldn't have.

One day though I thought that it might be a good idea to get one as a birthday gift from anyone that wanted to contribute.

There is a lot of reviews that you can find online about those tools, here is my view.

My first GHD product that I bought, was a hair straightener. I was saving for it for a long time and one day I went for long bob hair cut, so I needed great straightener to be able to maintain it. Can't remember where I got it from, but I know it was £100 exactly (I was always better with numbers). I believed it was an investment for life.


24 January 2020

Autumn/Winter Fragrances / Jesienno-Zimowe Zapachy

Do you remember my blog post about summer fragrances I love? Well if you didn't have a chance to see it, here is the link to it.

Today I wanted to tell you my autumn/winter picks.

When it comes to colder months I am tying to stay away from fruity and zesty fragrances and I go a little heavier. 

10 January 2020

New Year's Reflections / Refleksje Noworoczne

Welcome back my lovelies! Happy 2020 and huge thank you for stopping by!

Because we turned magic 2020, turning magic 35 I just wanted quickly say what's on my chest.

Hopefully 2020 will be magical.


24 November 2019

Kevin Murphy Hair Products / Produkty do włosów Kevina Murphy

Since I found out about Kevin Murphy hair products, which is about three years ago, I have been using some of them, but are they really worth the price tag?

First items I was able to get a little bit discounted were Repair Me Wash and Angel Rinse. I got them around Christmas time, hence the discount, both just under 500ml £25 each. The product itself is way thicker than regular shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I find it hard to cover whole head without overusing, specially when I am in a rush, but as soon as you get use to it, it will get easier.


08 November 2019

My go to jumper / Ulubiony sweter

I might have mentioned this jumper in my monthly favourites, but if I love something, I will make a big deal out of this. I purchased it when I was in Poland back in August and funnily enough I wasn't even sure about it. I love jumpers in general. Most of my favourite ones I got second hand and they are fluffy and neutral, but this one is chunky and statement. Goes with many things and my wardrobe and I just love it. By the way I wear it too often, this is what happens when I find really good fashion piece :)

You can purchase it here.

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