28 March 2021

My March Purchases


If you haven't seen my previous blog post you can read it here, but to quickly explain, I am about to make a little reflection of purchases I made in March.

Being fashion enthusiast and someone who make my life all about it - I treat myself to fashion and beauty pieces nearly every month and because I am trying to be better shopper I decided that in 2021 I will journal my choices. Hopefully this will come useful to you. It is definitely useful to me.


Looking ahead into Spring I decided to get myself white shirt. I have couple already one of them being cheapy from H&M and the other one, cheapy from Mango outlet. This time I found great choices in COS. What do COS say about themselves? That they are a destination for timeless design. 

"Every piece is made to last beyond the season. With a focus on craftsmanship, we bring you essentials for the modern wardrobe. Buy better, keep forever."

And I couldn't agree more. They are Swedish brand part of H&M group, top quality and working towards being 100% sustainably sourced or recycled materials. I  ordered oversized cotton and silk shirts and ended up keeping both. Hoping to have them many many years.


Even tough I have been at home past year, I never went on the loungewear trend wagon. I did love it on other girls, but except the set I bought myself purely for Christmas when I was in Poland, I haven't found anything that will suit my needs being at home. I am constantly cold, and the only thing that keeps me warm is my dressing gown, so my loungewear needed to be snuggly but at the same time very flaterring. 

I managed to find what I was looking for in Kiki Loungewear. The brand is owned by one of Portman ladies, that I know of from the fashion boutique in Bath. They are beautiful three ladies, mother and two daughters having business in Bath, London and online loungewear store. The "Tia" set I got is the best, seriously nothing else needs adding.


New year, new pair of trainers?! Might be the case for me, and this year I fell in love with New Balance model 327. When I finally figured our what would suit my wardrobe most, finding them in stock was quite a mission. Eventually I got them on Zalando - which recently has been the shop I find things that are out of stock everywhere else.


Following successful purchase of some Dune shoes last year and then working with them I had a little browse one day and found the most amazing boots on sale. Dune London stores few brands under their roof - Bertie being one of them. The black biker boots were for sure missing from my collection and those ones fit in it really well. 

They are very sleek, flattering, simple and super comfortable. Goes with everything I own too (always a bonus). Here is what's available if you are in the market - biker boots.


Last little thing I got myself in March was from Amazon. As I am the biggest hair clip fan already, and seeing it all over the internet I decided to go for something nicer than I already have. I found this gold pack of 3 hair clips, which seem to do the job amazing. Had so many comments on it already and to be honest not only it looks good it seem to handle my long hair good too.

And that is all my Friends! Let me know if you found it useful? I did, so I will keep this journal if not for you, definitely for me.

See ya next time!


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