07 August 2021

My July Purchases

  If you haven't seen my previous blog post you can read it here, but to quickly explain, I am about to make a little reflection of purchases I made in July.

June and July were full of excitements as we went to Poland for my brother's wedding and then to Croatia, so you guessed right, there wasn't much opportunities to shop during July.

That said, this month I went for fewer but investment pieces.

I am huge fashion enthusiast and someone who make my life all about it - I treat myself to fashion and beauty pieces nearly every month and because I am trying to be better shopper I decided that in 2021 I will journal my choices. Hopefully this will come useful to you. It is definitely useful to me. 

BTW this dress was gifted to me by ChiChi Clothing

On the last days in Poland I visited Warsaw where I always wanted to go to Vitkac. It's a luxury department store, wich I've always wanted to explore, specially that recently I was eying few bits and bobs.
The whole shopping trip is on my instagram reel. The experience was amazing, and I ended up purchasing couple of pieces.


In the store I went fo black Jacquemus belt. I found it very statement yet classic and timeless. It's a very long belt that you wrap around your waist. It gives your outfit so much more character, wether worn with a dress, blazer or a knit. Here it is in white, as the black one is now out of stock.


The second piece I got, this time online, but still while in the store, was this Chloé bag. My first choice was a black bag, however it was already sold out, so I went for the second option the brown one. I always take browns for more autumnal colours, but boy! I am wrong! It goes so well with my summer wardrobe as well. Here is the link to a similar one.

This is actually what I like about Vitkac. They have low stock of pieces, often sold out everywhere else, quite often discounted, and if you worry about shipment/returns, just don't as all works perfectly fine.


And the last pieces I got were from Arket. The brand has been on my radar for a while. It seems everyone is wearing their blazers and I was curious why? Also the ones I liked were out of stock, which was changing constantly, however one day, while checking the website there it was, one camel blazer in size 38 EUR that I went for. To top up the order, I also got a little v neck top. I was very unsure of the size, this is usually the case with a new brand I shop from, turned out it was exactly what I wanted. The blazer is oversized, but still look very flattering. I totally understand the hype now, the blazer is pricey, but it's great quality and it looks amazing.

And that is all my Friends! Let me know if you found it useful? I did, so I will keep this journal if not for you, definitely for me.

See ya next time!


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