21 February 2021

New Year New Me?!


New year new me!? well that's a load of  crap if you asked me. Also I am quite late to the party giving the fact,  that we are at the last stretch of February.

Having a writing block is no joke, but I came up with something last night, so this is me writing it all down the next day.

First and foremost I need to admit, I am not a gifted writer. However somehow, I feel I write better in english than my native language - polish, that's the reason why my last two blog post are only in one language. So here is a little question for you, do you mind reading it in english only?

Secondly I neglected my blog to concentrate on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Like To Know It, here is the link, but it only works on your mobile (Like To Know It ). So those takes most of my evenings (as you know I am an accountant by day and something else by night ;)

Third point to make is the situation we have been in for a year now. The life isn't that interesting. There isn't much excitement to share with you unfortunately. 

I also feel that since social media became super creative with video making people just prefer to watch than read, and to be honest I am guilty of that too.

But going back to my bulb moment I had last night...

I came up with series idea, and series make me more organised and consistent. I will be writing about what I bought every month.  

Now it doesn't sound very interesting so far, but let me explain a little bit more.

As an accountant and a person I am, I like to keep my finances under control. I have monthly budget to spend on whatever I feel like, which for me - a fashion enthusiast, means fashion! 

Actually I am doing this very much for myself. I would like to change my shopping habits, become more responsible shopper, with very little regrets, only amazing and smart purchases making my wardrobe full of pieces I am proud off.

At least this is a goal!

Even though I have already changed, I started fresh from January 2021. I do research into brands I shop from and buy only those pieces, I believe will serve me for years, and make me feel excited about my wardrobe. 

As we evolve our style evolve too, but that doesn't mean, that we cannot rewear pieces that we already have. We know fashion goes round the circle so as long we shop smart we should be able to stick to what we have regardless of current fashion. With just a little bit of imagination we should be able to give an outfit another dimension.

I am pretty sure I will fail from time to time, but I am hoping to learn from my mistakes and this place would remind me of it.

This is not easy for many, will see if I can live up to the task.

So next stop will be my January 2021 purchases. Keep an eye out for it! In the meantime let me know if this is something you'll read? 


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