06 December 2020

What Is Dry-Brushing All About


Some time ago I asked you on my instagram stories if you do dry-brushing and the answer from most of you was no! Being surprised to say the least, I thought I will write this to let you know, that you definitely should.

I first saw dry brushing in Valeria Lipovetsky routine - if I can call it a routine, as she is one busy lady, but according to her, even few minutes brushing daily does wonders.

What does dry brushing do:


increase blood circulation



transform skin dullness

reduce celulite

evens out skin texture


boost your energy 

All you need is a body brush, you might even have one at home already, laying somewhere unused as you're not sure how to. If you need one you can get it everywhere as dry brushing is making a huge come back, just google and pick whatever suits you

natural dry brush

Now how to use it. 

Best way is little and often. Starting from your feet in long pressured strokes against your skin, move upwards towards your heart. And be prepared my friends the bristles are tough and it might be unpleasant at first, so be careful with the pressure specially at your delicate and sensitive areas, but I am sure you will love it with time.

Following brushing, wash it off in a shower or a bath and use your favourite moisturiser afterwords.

Have fun exploring your dry brushing my Friends!


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