18 October 2020

How I changed giving the circumstances

As we can see things change, world changes and with those there is a change in us too.

The first thing, that changed for me was the working from home, which was very much not possible before the pandemic and now mine and my husband's life is turned upside down because of it, which we actually love.

The working from home allowed us to take care of my nephew for few hours as my sister worked every day, which gave us a bit of craziness in daily routines.

Then having a bit more time in my hands (as you know I work full time as an accountant and only in spare time as a personal stylist) I decided to take care of my social media, specially instagram to build my crew and my community - as people call it nowadays.

With all the advice of wonderful Nicole Davies and her Bloom & Tell accounts, I started posting regularly about my style giving my followers inspiration and tips of my every day looks. It helped. I was able to grow to 2k followers, which gives me motivation to keep going even though sometimes I feel that the "internet life" is very unreal.

Posting, liking and being on instagram every day, I felt pressured to have more, to be able to show you more. And even though my real lifestyle needed nice and comfortable pyjamas and lounge wear only,  I jumped on trend wagon just to be able to present fresh looks for you, despite the fact I didn't really need it.

In the middle of Summer I realised something. Receiving my next Zara haul, I looked at clothes from my previous one and learnt, that I didn't have a chance to wear or shoot some of the items. And because there was still time I rushed an returned them back.

In the past I would decide within a minute, if I wanted something or not, now I take my time. Because we have 30 days to return it really helped me think about the particular piece. Do I love it? Will I wear it? Am I happy with the price? Is it timeless? Does it fit in my current wardrobe? And many other questions I ask myself upon deciding to keep or return.

Social media specially now, that we are more at home and have more time on our hands, might be a dangerous thing. There is so much temptation everywhere, so much inspiration, we want it all, even though it might not be for us, baring in mind the lifestyle we live at the moment.

Having learnt that, I want to be more mindful. I started looking into Depop - second hand selling/buying platform. I sell there, but also find things, that I like specially designer pieces. I visit local second hand shops to find special pieces, that will stand test of time and style them a bit more modern.

I still buy a lot, as this is what I love doing. I love new clothes, new finds, new brands all fashion and beauty related. I also love to share my finds with you, weather it's through my services or my social media accounts. 

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