01 June 2021

My May Purchases

 If you haven't seen my previous blog post you can read it here, but to quickly explain, I am about to make a little reflection of purchases I made in May.

I am huge fashion enthusiast and someone who make my life all about it - I treat myself to fashion and beauty pieces nearly every month and because I am trying to be better shopper I decided that in 2021 I will journal my choices. Hopefully this will come useful to you. It is definitely useful to me.


Not that I am disappointed with myself, because regardless of where I shop I try to buy things that will last for a long time, but somehow H&M keeps winning me over.

I did buy few things last month and I continued in May as well.


Following getting myself amazing linen shirt in neutral oatmeal colour, I couldn't resist getting myself white one too. It was too good not to get more colours,  as you probably already know H&M have plenty of colour options for you to choose from (should have gone for black one as well tbh)

With that I also went for a belt. I am sucker for belts. I wear them loads, I love to have options and this one caught my attention straight away.

Dreaming of sunshine and nice country walks or a day on a beach, I finally got myself a beautiful basket bag. I manage to buy it in reduced, and it was sold out in a few minutes - to me total win. 

And lastly I went crazy with their suits. This grey option I thought it was worth the price tag, specially that the blazer was the same blazer I got last month. Obviously different colour and fabric, but still such a good quality for the price.


As everything chunky has been very hot for a while now, sandals couldn't be left out. I must say I like the trend myself, but wasn't happy to spend massive amount of money and wanted to be quite cautions with my choice.  Going with Angie Smith's suggestions for american classic Teva sandals. They are made for outdoor adventures, durable, made from 100% recycled plastic, comfortable and very in right now. Again nothing is simple with me. I had to order few options to find my dream pair and I landed on Mens Mid Universal size 6. I found the mens size more roomy and flattering and much cheaper than the ladies. This is the exact model :)


Everyone who knows me also know my obsession with Levis jeans. While browsing outlet shops on few occasions recently I learnt that those shops stock my fave 501s. That wasn't the case before, and even though they only had three colours I stocked up. This model I find quite mysterious. As far as I knew only black, white and cream were with elastane, which obviously change the fabric completely. All my blues are pure cotton, making my jeans rigid and tough and changing the shape to more slouchy while wearing, but the pairs I got in the outlet were stretchy. Because every single pair is totally different and the stretchy once I find more elegant I went with it and I purchased couple.


And lastly still being obsessed with my headbands I found the most gorgeous one in Zara. Linen, beige, tiny stripes - what more could you want for a headpiece for summer?

And that is all my Friends! Let me know if you found it useful? I did, so I will keep this journal if not for you, definitely for me.

See ya next time!


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